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Dos and Don’ts if You’re Arrested for Drug Possession

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If you are ever arrested for drug possession, you are likely confused and afraid for what the future holds. The experience of being arrested can be intense and it’s easy to make mistakes. How you handle your arrest and the following steps can have a big impact on any future trial. We put together a helpful collection of Dos and Don’ts for people who have been arrested on drug possession based on this guide from halt.org.

Drug Possession Dos

As your heart pounds and the police put handcuffs around your wrists, the most important thing is to stay calm. At this point, the situation is out of your control and any action on your part can only make things worse. Take a deep breath and ensure that the arrest goes as smoothly as possible. Before entering your jail cell, call a lawyer or a trusted person who can help you get one. Lastly, ask that the court sets your bail in order to hopefully minimize your time in jail as you await your trial.

Drug Possession Don’ts

The number one rule of being arrested for drug possession or any other criminal charge is not to give police any more information than you are required to. Your right to remain silent is protected under the Fifth Amendment, and it is greatly in your interest to take advantage of it. If police ask you for anything beyond identifying information, respectfully refuse to answer until your lawyer is with you. Likewise, do not sign any papers until you can consult your lawyer. Lastly, don’t try to get out of being arrested. It won’t work and it could give the arresting officers additional information to use against you.

Drug Possession Criminal Defense for Southern California

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