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California attorney Brian A. Newman has devoted much of his practice to federal criminal defense for the last 35 years. He has represented clients in more than 70 cases before the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals, and has taken on more than 300 criminal trials in that time. Brian knows what it takes to safeguard your rights and keep you out of jail following a criminal charge. While it’s true that sometimes even we can’t beat a client’s case or have it dismissed, we can still do our best to get your charges significantly reduced.

Federal Crimes

Many crimes in California can be tried on the federal level. Offenses regarding violence (including gun crimes and criminal street gang activity), drug trafficking, crimes against children, immigration crimes, corporate fraud, public corruption, cyber crimes, federal white collar crimes, and various other types of crimes are considered a priority of the Criminal Division in the Central District of California for federal prosecution. This means if you have committed or are suspected of one of these crimes, the federal government is going to use all the power it has to convict you. Don’t make the mistake of facing the federal courts alone – hire a lawyer with the certification and experience to fight back on your behalf.


A felony is a crime considered to be more serious than a misdemeanor. Conviction of a felony can result in extensive imprisonment and because California is a capital punishment state, death in the most severe cases. California also enforces the Three Strike Law. This means repeat offenders will face increasingly steep punishments with each felony conviction, resulting in an automatic 25 years to life sentence for the third conviction. There are many stages involved in investigating a felony, and working closely with a criminal defense attorney gives you the best chance of reducing charges or even diverting allegations to an informal resolution.

Domestic Violence

California laws define domestic violence as actions taken against a person with whom you share a familial or intimate relationship. These actions include physically hurting or attempting to physically hurt them (either recklessly or intentionally), instilling a fear of being physically hurt, sexual assault, and behavior such as stalking, harassing, threatening, destroying their personal property, or even disturbing their peace. If you are facing any of these charges or have been falsely accused, you need a tough lawyer to defend your rights.

Drug Crimes

Drug crimes are taken seriously in California and can have harsh consequences. Possessing even a small amount of narcotics can incur heavy punishments. The penalties are significantly higher if law enforcement determines there was intent to sell or commit large-scale drug trafficking. Your best course of action to defend yourself in this situation is to hire a criminal defense attorney with years of experience under his belt.

DUI / Drunk Driving

Drunk driving and DUI are serious criminal offenses, and can result in serious consequences following a conviction. If you have been arrested or are facing charges for drunk driving, you need an aggressive criminal defense attorney in your corner to help you cover all the angles so you can get your life back on track as quickly and painlessly as possible. At the Law Offices of Brian A. Newman, we’ll help you discover any loopholes or errors surrounding your arrest, giving you the best chance for a successful verdict.

Juvenile Defense

It’s always a scary and stressful situation for both children and parents when a child commits or is accused of a crime. More stressful still is the fact that it is the arresting officer’s discretion that determines whether or not the child is released to their parents or taken into police custody. Either way, it will be up to you to advocate for your child in court, but you don’t have to face it alone. We have defended countless juvenile crime cases and have the experience necessary to pursue the best options for your child. Together we can preserve your child’s future and get back on the right track.

Don’t Defend Your Criminal Charge Alone

The areas of criminal defense listed above merely scratch the surface of the cases we are willing to accept. We don’t shy away from defending serious federal and felony charges no matter how impossible they may initially appear. Attorney Brian A. Newman has represented hundreds of felony jury trials and has defended clients in very high-profile and sophisticated cases. Call us today to get the experience of a knowledgeable California criminal defense lawyer on your side.

Criminal defense attorney Brian A. Newman isn’t afraid to aggressively take on the Los Angeles County courts to defend his clients, and he will gladly do the same for you. Put nearly 40 years of criminal defense experience in your corner – call the Law Offices of Brian A. Newman at (424) 275-4014 today to schedule your free initial consultation.