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Comprehensive Torrance Business Lawyer Assisting With Third-Party Negotiations

Business negotiations are tricky—just look at the countless books written on the subject. Underneath the appearance of polite agreeableness, you can never quite be sure of the other party’s intentions. If you find yourself wondering whether certain terms or amounts are really “industry standard,” or if you just want to make sure that you’re negotiating as effectively as possible, it’s probably a good idea to talk to a business lawyer. The Law Offices of Brian A. Newman provide third-party negotiation services to help you ensure that you’re getting a fair deal and that your negotiations are always handled professionally.

Leveling the Playing Field

One of the most difficult situations for a negotiation occurs when there’s a knowledge gap between the parties about the subject of the negotiations. Whether you’re negotiating with a contractor in a new industry, figuring out an intellectual property license, or dealing with any of the countless new subjects that business owners encounter every year, it’s difficult to know the way things are “normally” done, and you don’t necessarily want to rely on the party you’re negotiating with to bring you up to speed. With over 40 years of experience practicing law, Brian A. Newman can supply the knowledge you need to negotiate from an equal position, so you can feel confident in your offers and your decisions about the options before you.

All Your Business Law Needs in One Place

In addition to our third-party negotiation services, we also offer full-spectrum business contract drafting services. Once you’ve agreed on terms for your negotiation, we’ll help you draft or edit a contract to make sure that those terms are clearly written and legally binding. With our thorough contract services, you’ll have a sturdy legal foundation for your agreement as you move into the future.

Third-Party Negotiation Lawyer

Serving Torrance and Los Angeles County Businesses

You work hard for your business. The Law Offices of Brian A. Newman will work hard for you. We are committed to providing personal service to all of our clients and will take the time to understand your business’ unique needs. Whether you are just getting started or are expanding an existing business, we’re here to help you achieve long-term success. As your needs evolve, Brian A. Newman will provide legal guidance you can count on.

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