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Redondo Beach is a popular beach city for inhabitants and tourists alike. Located on the southern California coast, it is one of three cities in Los Angeles County. There are approximately 70,000 residents of Redondo Beach, who enjoy warm and sunny weather most days. Residents from less utopian-esque locales are often jealous.

Early History

The area now known as Redondo Beach was originally a lookout point for the Chowinga Indian tribe. It was also an exceptionally rich food source, as fresh seafood from the ocean was supplemented by other treasures from the inland wetlands, including halibut, lobster, sea bass and salt! The salt was so abundant in the lake at Redondo Beach that is was called “Onoova-nga”, or “Place of Salt” by the tribes that frequented it. White settlers eventually moved to the area in 1845, realizing the potential of salt mining and displaced the natives.

A Sparkling Tourist Destination from the Beginning

As far back as the late 19th century, tourists were drawn to the glistening beach area, which became known as the spot to collect moonstones (beautiful gems made mostly of salt.) In fact, it was known as “The Gem Of The Continent” in the Los Angeles Daily Herald in 1887. Over the decades it has become more populated, as more and more people are drawn to the gorgeous beach community and all that entails.

Famous Faces

Redondo Beach has been the site of popular TV shows and movies, including the teen cult classic The O.C. and Medium. Many celebrities have called Redondo Beach home, including actress Demi Moore, basketball star Pau Gasol, and astronaut Judith Resnik.

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